TrackTogether FAQs

TrackTogether is a non-profit initiative that collects COVID-19 symptom data through a simple online survey to fuel research and help all of us better understand the spread of the virus.

In March 2020, TrackTogether started by two friends in the UK who wanted to increase transprency of the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. They built a website with survey questions on symptoms and location, and within 24 hours, they had 4,000+ responses.

Seeing the potential of this platform, the team was approached by Professor Peter Muennig from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health - to collaborate on building a more sophisticated tracking platform, and have since formed partnerships with NHS England and many other research insitutions, including UC Berkeley, UCSF, and UCLA.

There are enormous gaps in COVID-19 testing kit availability in many nations, which handicaps the government's ability to track and contain the spread. To help plug the critical data gap, we have created TrackTogether as a means to collect symptom data directly from the public and build a clearer picture of the spread from a grassroots level.

We hope this data will help government and public health leaders make more informed decisions to optimize containment and mitigation

Your data will be shared with formal research institutions, government agencies, and/or nonprofit organizations who will use the data to make important decisions to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

For example, research institutions can use the TrackTogether data in public health research models to improve prediction of COVID-19 spread and future outbreaks.

Governments can leverage the data to better understand the true scale of the spread and therefore make more effective decisions on medical resource allocation, lockdown periods, etc.

NGOs can also utilize the data to better understand the scale of aid and resources they should send to hardest-hit communities. We do not collect your name, email address (in relation to your data) or phone number and do our best to protect your anonymity when your data is shared.

Public health officials and world-leading researchers need as much data as they can get. Knowledge is power. Although there have been many similar symptom trackers built around the world, none have managed to build a truly vast and global dataset. The problems have lied in an inability to get mass traction.

We hope by creating a truly viral social campaign that we can outgrow this virus and provide the world's leading health experts and governments with valuable data in the fight against COVID-19. We kindly ask that you help contribute to this fight by completing the survey and taking on our challenge to outgrow the virus by sharing with family, friends and colleagues.

We do not collect your name or email with your data so we do not create accounts for you. You can still update your symptom data at any time though by simply re-submitting the form on the same device and same browser that you originally used. For any further questions on this, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

You can withdraw your consent and request that we stop processing your data at any time. Simply email us at with your request and we will resolve this for you. For any other data related enquiries you can email the same address at any time.

We are a volunteer organisation and have crowd-sourced all our translations from personal networks. If you would like us to translate the website to another language and can help with this, please email us at Any help with localising TrackTogether to reach more people is always hugely appreciated.

We are working closely with top infectious disease and public health researchers to understand exactly what data will drive most value to their work. We are also working with various NGOs and Open Data experts to make our data open and widely available to all while protecting the anonymity of our users.

We will be publishing aggregated data on a regular basis for anyone to use. If you have any other queries please email us at

We have built iOS and Android apps. However, we are waiting for these to pass Apple and Google's internal review. We hope these will be released by Apple and Google shortly.

Yes, a core part of our mission is to empower you and every other user with better knowledge of the disease in your local communities. We are working hard to provide novel ways for you to engage with and consume the aggregated data (to protect your anonymity) that we collect.

Please return to the site regularly for more updates or add yourself to our mailing list by subscribing at the bottom of the home page.